Drum VSTs

There is nothing better than free right? Check out this list of free Drum VST’s to add to your production. Wanted to say thanks to the source of this research, LANDR.

Alan Vista’s unique sampled VST instruments run the gamut of orchestral percussion from traditional hand crashes to this cinematic collection of Chinese gongs. Click here to download.

Alan Vista Cymbalistic continues in the same vein with a realistic set of common drum kit cymbals with articulations and variable release times. Click here to download.

Royotoms is a unique sampled instrument of pitched “rototoms” tuned to the notes used in the intro to Pink Floyd’s “Time.”. Click here to download.

AudioSpillage MiniSpillage is a compact drum synthesizer capable of creating big drum sounds using subtractive synthesis and physical modeling. Click here to download.

Beat Skillz Beat Factory Drums is a simple VST packed with essential sounds from classic drum machines like the the TR-808 and 909. Click here to download.

Decomposer Sitala is a free drum plugin that focuses on simplicity and ease-of-use. With only six controls, Sitala let’s you dial in the sounds you need fast. Click here to download.

Dub Turbo DrumTroop is a big sounding drum VST with 16 individual outputs and 20 free kits. Each pad has options for volume, pan, attack and release. Click here to download.

Melda MDrummer Small is the lite version of Melda’s comprehensive MDrummer plugin. Mdrummer Small features the same excellent drum machine and virtual drummer capabilities with a more utilitarian feature set. Click here to download.

Mix Project T.REX 606 is a compact rompler modelled after the iconic Roland TR-606 drum machine. It’s interface is super simple to get you started with TR-606 sounds right away. Click here to download.

MT Power Drumkit 2 is a reastlc sounding acoustic drum kit plugin with sounds that can be used in all genres. Click here to download.

Real Drum Samples Line of Legends is a single great sounding hip-hop drum kit in an unassuming package. Click here to download.

Sample Science Vintage Drum Elements gives you the authentic sounds of the old school Yamaha RX5 drum machine for all your lofi vintage drum needs. Click here to download.

Sean Pandy’s Drums Multi is a quick and dirty way to get heavy drum samples onto your tracks. It’s great for metal or aggressive genres. Click here to download.

Elektronic Sound Lab SL Drums 3 is drum rompler vst with 75 available drum kits and assignable outputs. Click here to download.

Steven Slate Drums SSD5 Free is the freeware edition of Steven Slate Drums flagship SSD5 plugin. Everything about the popular drum tool is there, with a single great kit. Click here to download.

Studio Linked Drum Pro is a virtual drum machine that comes with 20 kits and built-in effects to get you started creating great drum sounds right away. Click here to download.

Teragon Kick Maker is a bass drum synth dedicated to sculpting unique and massive kick sounds. Click here to download.

SimpleRecorder DjinnDrum is a no-nonsense plugin version of the legendary Linndrum drum machine. Click here to download.