Utilities VSTs

There is nothing better than free right? Check out this list of free Utility VST’s to add to your production. Wanted to say thanks to the source of this research, LANDR.

Algae Software Tune it! Is a powerful tuning plugin that can be used to tune instruments or monitor pitch during practice or performance. Click here to download.

Voxengo Anspec is an analog style 1/3-Oct spectrum analyzer for simple visual feedback with familiar analog metering. Click here to download.

Voxengo SPAN is an FFT spectrum analyzer with stereo correlation, K level, peak and RMS metering built in. Click here to download.

Voxengo Latency Delay is a simple tool to compensate for the delay introduced by plugins that don’t report their latency accurately to the host. Click here to download.

Melda MChannelMatrix is a matrix routing plugin for reassigning multiple channels on the fly via its sidechain inputs. Click here to download.

Voxengo MSED is a mid-Side encoder and decoder utility for splitting or combining stereo signals between L/R and M/S configurations and performing basic M/S operations. Click here to download.

Melda MLoudnessAnalyzer is a super accurate analysis tool for evaluating loudness. Click here to download.

Melda MNoiseGenerator is a simple pink/white noise generator for testing, analysis or adding to audio signals. Click here to download.

Melda MNotepad is a VST text editor for your DAW. Need to take notes or write down lyrics? Do it directly from your session. Click here to download.

Melda MOscilloscope is a classic waveform visualizer with pitch detection. Click here to download.

Melda MTuner is a simple audio frequency analysis tool designed for tuning guitars and other instruments. Click here to download.

Voxengo Correlometer is a multi-band correlation meter for detecting phase issues and mono compatibility. Click here to download.

Melda MUtility bundles a number of important utility tools into one plugin, especially for mastering. It can adjust gain, panning and delay, asses peak and RMS loudness and block DC. Click here to download.

Melda MStereoScope is a stereo field analyzer plugin for getting detailed info about your stereo spread. Click here to download.

Blue Cat’s Gain Suite is a handful of helpful gain tools in a single plugin package. From decoding M/S signals to inverting phase and swapping channels, Blue Cat’s Gain Suite can do it all. Click here to download.

Plugin Alliance Brainworx Bx_solo is another great utility tool for dealing with L/R and M/S stereo signals. Try it to get started with mid/side techniques! Click here to download.

Puremagnetik Expanse is versatile texture generator. Perfect for adding body or background to your mix. Kick back and blanket yourself beneath a soft beautiful drone. Click here to download.

Melda MAGC is a simple tool that matches loudness of the input signal and sidechain. MAGC can help you evaluate loudness in your mix and signal chains. Click here to download.

Melda MFreeformPhase is a phase adjustment utility that allows you to change the phase relationships of individual frequencies in complex mixing situations. Click here to download.

Teragon ChaosChimp is something completely different. This one doesn’t do anything to your sound. It simply tries to crash your system however it can. Why would you possibly want this? To steel yourself against the inevitability of failure. That’s right dear reader—to prepare you for the worst. How will you handle a complete system failure in a live situation or high pressure session? Teragon ChaosChimp will test your rig—and your composure! Click here to download.